About Us

GDL Elite is a leading provider of educational resources for the Graduate Diploma in Law (the “GDL”) in the UK.

Founded in response to a growing demand for relevant, high quality, structured revision notes and other study resources, GDL Elite provides some of the most comprehensive, accurate and invaluable revision guides and materials available. We aim to ship within one working day of you placing your order. We post all orders first class so you should expect to receive your book(s) within 2-3 working days from the date when you place your order. Up to date for 2017-2018, including the changes introduced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. We also email our customers with pdf updates where there are changes in law in the course of the year. The 2017-2018 version is now available.

What makes GDL Elite different?


GDL Elite guides are tailored to meet the requirements of the GDL. They are carefully, meticulously and painstakingly crafted to remove superfluous information and reduce the law to the essentials, clarifying what you need to know while retaining the detail, analysis and advanced points necessary to obtain a distinction.


Our guides cover 70 topics on the GDL. They are designed to be as all-encompassing as possible, providing explanation of, and emphasis on, the more difficult and advanced aspects of the course. At over 300 pages long, our Revision Manual is the most detailed and comprehensive guide on the market.


One of the hardest aspects of the GDL is learning the correct structure for exam questions. Often, students only properly come to terms with this at the end of year. With GDL Elite, the correct structure for exam questions is revealed right from the start, helping you ensure that what you are learning is relevant and allowing you to apply the law to the facts from day one.


Our guides are easy to use and very straightforward. For clarity, the basic black letter law is laid out simply and clearly and the more complex and nuanced points of law are contained at the bottom of each page.


At only £38.99 and the Graduate Diploma in Law costing up to and over £10,000, the Revision Manual is one of the simplest and best investments you can make in your legal education.

Ongoing Support

If you would like to know more about GDL Elite or our products, please feel free to contract us at info@gdlelite.com or contact us using our contact page here